About? About what? Or what about . . . ?

There’s no about. I’m just trying to make sense of a few things, because, let’s face it, most things make no sense at all

Iffyleaks is an active page and will feature new posts as and when inspiration strikes when my sources obtain and verify new (and, hopefully, damaging) material.

Some notes on future developments

The page on cosmology, Computation vs. pixie dust, will be delayed; apologies to all who are agog to explore this fascinating topic. It’s proving more difficult than anticipated to wrestle my thoughts into some sort of coherent account, but in matters like this my subconscious rules, and sub says it isn’t ready quite yet

A new page, Beyond Nirvana, is forthcoming . . . Beyond nirvana? What could possibly lie beyond? As it happens, I went there – and gazed upon the face of God. The problem is, I’m an atheist

A new page, Firebird (the kind found in Russian folklore, Жар-пти́ца, Zhar-ptitsa), is forthcoming. Though I still don’t understand how, or why, the Firebird is real. I’ve seen it . . . more than once. And I’ve never been to Russia

I will be adding to Counting my yesterdays. Again, sub is proving difficult, the material squirms and complains, “It wasn’t like that”, but it was. If you’ve ever read about quiet English folk living lives of quiet desperation, you’ll know what I mean

Eventually, and sub says I use the word advisedly, there will be a page on Diary of Dreams. For those unacquainted, it’s a German band whose music has been described, variously, as industrial, electrodance, dark wave, etc. Don’t let the labels put you off. DoD’s heart and inspiration (it’s almost, but not quite, a one man band) is Adrian Hates (he’s German, remember, so please pronounce his name, approximately, Hah-tess). His music is extremely complex, heavy, dark, melodic, electronic, and his lyrics are often terrifyingly Dostoyevskian in their piercing insights. (Sub says this is clumsy and inadequate, but for now it will have to do.)

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